Independence Night.

So my husband went out tonight with a friend to the bar. I was their DD and got the best compliment ever! My husband is the freest of his friends. Which is true, as long as we have no major plans I don’t care what he does. And vice versa for me.

I think its good for us to be independent and have our own likes and hobbies without the other one always having to be involved. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE when we are together but I think that’s what makes it exciting still. We are our own person, we do have different taste, we have different hobbies but that is what drew us to one another.

The best part is just alone time. I made homemade stuff shells, I caught up on my tv shows that I don’t watch with him, explored pinterest, and got to blog.

When he came home though it was nice to be back together. Time apart shows me just how much I do care and miss him when he’s gone, whether it be an hour or a couple of days. Those moments also bring the best hugs.

And this is my favorite part, he’s drunk so I get to step in and care for him. Feed him dinner, make sure he drinks enough water, takes asprin, get him to bed. I love doing that for some reason, caring for him when normally he cares for me. I think that’s the best part of marriage, having someone who wants you to care for them.

A middle clas house wife with a husband snoring in the bathroom.


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