Fan Girl.

I’m at that point where I don’t know what kind of books to read. The teen fiction is not relatable anymore and I feel to young to be reading romance/porn books.

So I find myself the other day at the book store wanting something new and fresh to give me back my love of reading… I stumble upon a book I’ve read before by James Patterson, a teen fiction book, and there was a 2nd and 4th book of the series. Always my luck there is no 3rd so I can’t just purchase them all at once. So I buy the 2nd one and curious to see what other books he has I go to adult fiction…

Holy mother load, I couldnt decide what to purchase. I wanted them all right then and there. I settled for just one, Alex Cross.. and my teen fiction book witch & wizard.

My love is back. Its passionate. I cant put the book down.

My husband is also at the stage of not knowing what his interest are, as we sre only a couple years apart. He also went with a James Patterson book, new fan club members? Check!

A book nerd middle class housewife


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