My dream job, as of right now.

I’m still at the stage of ‘what do I want to be’ and have been stuck for the past four years. Every time I think I know, I don’t. I have a semi good job, the pays well, but the stress can be over the top. Everyday I’m there I’m scheming in my head on how I’ll escape that place one day…

And yesterday it accured to me, maybe not my calling, but something small I could start in the side in hopes of it going somewhere. How many wives, mother’s, girlfriends, or even guys want to go home after working 8+ hours and make a home cooked meal? I know on most days the only time I make a home cooked meal, is when I’m imagining it in my head. I want to be a meal planner.

Now the idea of meal planing may come easy to some, but while talking with a co-worker I realized just how hard it could be sometimes. When your getting home at 8 or 9, putting kids to bed, while trying to spend time with your spouse I can see where fast food and take out become the easiest solution.

I want to change that. Where I used to live you would go to this business, plan your meals for a week or two, place your order, the business would prepare it, you would pick it up, freeze it, and when ready eat it. Home cooked meal, done easy, done right.

The simple things I love about me time are the planning of my meals and the grocery shopping. Not so much carrying them in, but that’s where the husband comes into play. I would love to take what makes me happy: planning, shopping, and cooking and earn an income from it. I’m not talking about becoming the next billionaire, but a few extra bucks on the side never hurt anyone.

Now I have a whole wonderful 8 hour shift to dream up my new business, even see if co-workers would use something like this. And hope my dreams for now come true!

A dreamy middle class housewife


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