Independence Night.

So my husband went out tonight with a friend to the bar. I was their DD and got the best compliment ever! My husband is the freest of his friends. Which is true, as long as we have no major plans I don’t care what he does. And vice versa for me.

I think its good for us to be independent and have our own likes and hobbies without the other one always having to be involved. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE when we are together but I think that’s what makes it exciting still. We are our own person, we do have different taste, we have different hobbies but that is what drew us to one another.

The best part is just alone time. I made homemade stuff shells, I caught up on my tv shows that I don’t watch with him, explored pinterest, and got to blog.

When he came home though it was nice to be back together. Time apart shows me just how much I do care and miss him when he’s gone, whether it be an hour or a couple of days. Those moments also bring the best hugs.

And this is my favorite part, he’s drunk so I get to step in and care for him. Feed him dinner, make sure he drinks enough water, takes asprin, get him to bed. I love doing that for some reason, caring for him when normally he cares for me. I think that’s the best part of marriage, having someone who wants you to care for them.

A middle clas house wife with a husband snoring in the bathroom.


Fan Girl.

I’m at that point where I don’t know what kind of books to read. The teen fiction is not relatable anymore and I feel to young to be reading romance/porn books.

So I find myself the other day at the book store wanting something new and fresh to give me back my love of reading… I stumble upon a book I’ve read before by James Patterson, a teen fiction book, and there was a 2nd and 4th book of the series. Always my luck there is no 3rd so I can’t just purchase them all at once. So I buy the 2nd one and curious to see what other books he has I go to adult fiction…

Holy mother load, I couldnt decide what to purchase. I wanted them all right then and there. I settled for just one, Alex Cross.. and my teen fiction book witch & wizard.

My love is back. Its passionate. I cant put the book down.

My husband is also at the stage of not knowing what his interest are, as we sre only a couple years apart. He also went with a James Patterson book, new fan club members? Check!

A book nerd middle class housewife

My dream job, as of right now.

I’m still at the stage of ‘what do I want to be’ and have been stuck for the past four years. Every time I think I know, I don’t. I have a semi good job, the pays well, but the stress can be over the top. Everyday I’m there I’m scheming in my head on how I’ll escape that place one day…

And yesterday it accured to me, maybe not my calling, but something small I could start in the side in hopes of it going somewhere. How many wives, mother’s, girlfriends, or even guys want to go home after working 8+ hours and make a home cooked meal? I know on most days the only time I make a home cooked meal, is when I’m imagining it in my head. I want to be a meal planner.

Now the idea of meal planing may come easy to some, but while talking with a co-worker I realized just how hard it could be sometimes. When your getting home at 8 or 9, putting kids to bed, while trying to spend time with your spouse I can see where fast food and take out become the easiest solution.

I want to change that. Where I used to live you would go to this business, plan your meals for a week or two, place your order, the business would prepare it, you would pick it up, freeze it, and when ready eat it. Home cooked meal, done easy, done right.

The simple things I love about me time are the planning of my meals and the grocery shopping. Not so much carrying them in, but that’s where the husband comes into play. I would love to take what makes me happy: planning, shopping, and cooking and earn an income from it. I’m not talking about becoming the next billionaire, but a few extra bucks on the side never hurt anyone.

Now I have a whole wonderful 8 hour shift to dream up my new business, even see if co-workers would use something like this. And hope my dreams for now come true!

A dreamy middle class housewife

Welcome to the married life..

I’m newly married, as in today is three weeks since I said my ‘I do’s.’ I cannot even count the number of times people have told me ‘welcome to the married life.’ I feel like I am checking into a hotel, turning my life over to someone, and calling it a day. But why? Why are these people telling me ‘that’s part of being married’ so miserable in their own marriage, they in turn want mine to be also.

I keep questioning what makes marriage have a black cloud over it.. maybe the huge money pit wedding, or in laws, or just being with one person for eternity.

I eloped, I love my mother in law (and get along with her!) And fancy the thought of having one person to call mine forever. My husband and I are growing up in the generation of the 16 and pregnants, so the idea of a perfect fairytale ending fascinates me.

Will it be perfect, no, but to me and him it is pure perfection. It will be hard, make us question our sanity at times, but if we always remember what made us love each other in the first part this will work. We have to enjoy the little things, learn to laugh at our flaws, and be each other’s biggest supporters.

I look at these people and wish I was a fly on the wall. What made you bitter about marriage? What was that point in your life you would rather settle then be happy?

I’m not perfect, my life is not, my marriage isn’t. This is how I deal, how I plan to make it through my 20’s, and how I plan to grow. Welcome to this crazy train called the middle class housewifes journey into crazy town. I will be real, I will pour my feelings out, I will be unconventional, but most of all I’ll be me. And that’s all I ever want to be.

The middle class housewife